ePub Software editors and iBook Creator programs

How to make eBooks compatible to the Apple iBook-Store´s ePub Format

Observing the incredible success of the recently released Apple iPad and his integrated iBook-Store it is self-evident, that the demand of published ebooks in ePub format will increase strongly. Up-to-date designers will have to upgrade their knowledge base about eBook publishing software and editors that are supporting the ePub standard.

Within this section we will publish reviews of OS X compatible eBook design-software and iBook publisher programs compatible to the Apple iBook-Store. Additional options are eBook compilers and ePub creator Plug-Ins or Stand-alone applications.


ePub Editors and creators

how to make iBook compatible eBooks

The "ePub" (electronic Publication)-Format is an open ebook standard controled by the IDPF –International Digital Publishing Forum. The ePub-Format represents no static layout – it contains reflowable content which can be optimized for any output device with its individual screen characteristics like the iPad or iPhone and ohter Tablet PCs or "Slates".

ePub-Files have generally the .epub file-extension but are in reality a group of .zip files containing XML-Content and Metadata.

ePub content can be regulary ebedded with a similar to XHTML 1.1 compatible subset of Tags and styled with CSS 2.0 conform styles called OPS-Style sheets. So it is possible to edit iBooks with a standard HTML editor, but not very comfortable when validating and generating the necessary OEBPS Container format, which includes the standardized file formats and order.

eBook publishing Software Mac OS X

eCub, a free ePub converter and Jutoh an WYSIWYG-ePub Editor

eCub iBook creator ePub editor software Mac OS X

eCub is a free and simple .epub-converter and cross-platform tool to create EPUB compatible iBooks and to convert existing text- or xhtml-files into the ePub-Standard. EPUB files are generally compatible to the MobiPocket format, Adobe Digital Editions, FBReader, Stanza and many other readers and applications. The eCub-application offers fundamental tools to import text and XHTML files and create all the necessary components of an EPUB file-archive. It makes it easy to view and edit existing files, and check the generated EPUB, using external tools. On the developers Web Page, JulianSmart.com you can download a free Mac OS X version of eCub for personal use, which will run on Intel Macs and also on older PPC Macs with OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Jutoh is an another ePub-Software from the same developer Julian Smart, which is until now in development but yet available as demo-download. The Jutoh-Software promises easier WYSIWIG content-editing from the scratch with the possibility to generate ePub, MobiPocket or ODT-files. It is also not necessary to have knowledge of xhtml when formatting the iBook content.